Unless otherwise noted, Friday and Saturday night music begins at 8:00 pm; Thursday night music begins at 6:30.

**OPEN MIC is held most Sundays from 6-9pm**

Thursday, June 20                      Jimmy Lee Duo

Friday, June 21                            Sean Von Clauss

Saturday, June 22                      Jason Gisser

Thursday, June 27                     Dave Marshall

Friday, June 28                           Nick Bukuvalas

Saturday, June 29                     Rudy’s Backbeat

***July 1 - July 9   *** CLOSED**

Friday, July 12                            James Patrick

Saturday, July 13                     Sound of Sunshine

Thursday, July 18 Chris Raab

Friday, July 19                           Jordan Stoner

Saturday, July 20                    Jimmy Lee Duo

Thursday, July 25                  Mighty Flynn

Friday, July 26                         Jason Gisser

Saturday, July 27            Vicki Raabin

Friday, August 2 Paul Cray

Saturday, August 3            

Thursday, August 8            Kevin Kennedy

Friday, August 9 Mike Hamel

Saturday, August 10         

Thursday, August 15          James Patrick

Friday, August 16                 BOOM Kat!

Saturday, August 17          Sean Von Clauss

Thursday, August 22 Larry Bassen

Friday, August 23 Chris Raab

Saturday, August 24

Thursday, August 29           Mighty Flynn

Friday, August 30                Sound of Sunshine

Saturday, August 31         Rudy’s Backbeat

Friday, September 13        The Mighty Flynn

Saturday, September 14          James Patrick

Friday, September 20               Kevin Kennedy

Saturday, September 21         Mike Hamel

Friday, September 27 Paul Cray

Saturday, September 28          Jimmy Lee Duo

Friday, October 4 All Shook Up

Saturday, October 5

Friday, October 11

Saturday, October 12 Dave Marshall

Friday, October 18                  Sean Von Clauss

Saturday, October 19 BOOMKat!

Friday, October 25 Rudy’s Backbeat

Saturday, October 26          Jimmy Lee Duo

Friday, November 1 Paul Cray

Saturday, November 2

Friday, November 8               The Mighty Flynn

Saturday, November 9 Mike Hamel

Friday, November 15           Kevin Kennedy

Saturday, November 16       James Patrick

Friday, November 22

Saturday, November 23 BOOMKat!

Friday, November 29

Saturday, November 30 Rudy’s Backbeat

Friday, December 6 Paul Cray

Friday, December 13            Sean Von Clauss

Saturday, December 14        Jimmy Lee Duo

Friday, December 20               Mighty Flynn

Friday, December 21 Rudy’s Backbeat

Friday, December 27

Saturday, December 28

OPEN MIC - SUNDAY'S FROM  6PM - 9PM PLEASE CALL OR VISIT SOCIAL MEDIA TO CHECK SCHEDULING AS IT IS CANCELED ON OCCASION ** Potential new musicians must come to an open mic - please don’t send video links

** Contact us to book your private event ~ we have many options available to fit your event needs**

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